Problems that a Gypsy Claims to Solve

The Gypsy guarantees to solve almost any problem, whether it is social, economic, physical, or metaphysical. I am discussing few here.
a) Social Problems- Here Marriage counselling is offered. One mentioned that she was unsuccessful in marriage and separated for years but after visited with Sister Anne and we are back together and very happy.” A Gypsy fortune teller can solve your social problems by giving you such an advice which no Psychiatrist. A Gypsy also has the ability to call friends and enemies by name and to control their actions.
b) Economic Problems- Finding and keeping a job, and increasing a salary are aided. “I have been under the evil influence,” said a client, “so I went to Sister Anne and now I feel happy to get the job.” The Gypsy provides information to their clients to locate buried treasure and locate lost property. Anne also advises her customer lucky and unlucky days of the month for financial transactions.
c) Physical Problems- A Gypsy teller guarantees to remove sickness of many kinds: alcoholism, arthritis, asthma, bad habits, bad nerves, eye trouble, pain in the head, the pain of the stomach, problems with the legs, and restoration of lost nature. One commonly testimonial noticed- ”I was flat on my back from an incurable disease”; ”There was no hope until I heard of and saw Sister Anne an Indian Healer. Thank God for her I am well now. Another testimonial reads, ”I have been sick for many years but when I visited Sister Susan I have seen results. I have never felt better in my life. I was an alcoholic and I had lost my loved ones, my job but one visit to Sister Rita has helped me a lot. Now I have my loved ones back. I left drinking and have a settled job.
d) ”Metaphysical” Problems- A Gypsy often links social, financial, and physical problems of the client with a metaphysical cause. Her treatments are the diagnosis and cure of such conditions. The severity of metaphysical afflictions ranges from mild to severe (“Devil’s influence). “Devil’s influence” appears in most of the Gypsy advertising, it is presumed that it has significance for a great number of clients. Gypsy offers to cast the spell on a person’s enemies; the avowed ability to control enemies seems to suggest this possibility
I know few Gypsy practitioners who identify themselves as holy and religious persons, sometimes as American Indians, others indicate they have just returned from places like the “Holy Land,” India, where they had helped thousands of people. Quick results are promised by most of the Gypsies. Some guarantee results after exactly “three days”; others offer a cure within the “first 24 hours”; and a few offer immediate results. Few Gypsies offer goods such as free oil from the Holy Land, free holy water, and free oil. Several Gypsies offer a discount for their services. Almost all local Gypsies sell candles. Several Gypsies sell prayer cloths. To help direct the client, the bus lines that pass near the Gypsy’s home are often specified in the advertisement and a map is occasionally provided.