I am one of the best people who can do life readings, tarot readings, and similar readings. I am not a fast mover as you may be but the gift I have, very few of us have it.

I am not physically very fit but I push myself as much as possible to work. I don’t want to sit idle but when I am sick then I can’t even move my hand. But one thing where I am very much sure is that I am mentally very fit. With this ability, I can do many things which many people can’t do it. They cannot even think about it. It is not an easy task to read someone’s past or future. It is not easy to make people believe in you, especially when they don’t believe in these readings at all. But I have this special power given to me by God. I can make people believe through my readings and help them to recover from the past and make a brighter future.

I don’t have a big family and a house. I am living with just two members and a few animals. There are many things I can’t do by myself so that I have a home health caregiver but when she is at home I can’t do my work, instead, I do art.  I just can’t let her watch my computer screen when I am working. My health is I don’t make schedules because I can’t follow it.

Most of my work I do through E-mails because it let me do the work later when I am ready to do it. I am slow in my work but still, I was able to do 12 readings every day, 6 days a week. Made good money but later I fell in the hospital and paid there most of it. So now I don’t push myself very hard instead I work as my comfort allows me.

People think that if I work this way I will forget their queries but you don’t need to worry, I have your emails and reply to you very soon. Be patient.

Thank You.


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